The Studio Gallery at Worthing Museum was full of colourful paintings of landscapes and seascapes, subjects which, as a painter, I am always pleased to see. Most of the show was dedicated to the paintings of Tom Gillham, a local artist whose work ranged from highly-detailed realist views of parks to vivid images of hearts painted in an expressionist style. I was drawn to his intensely-coloured, thickly painted views of Worthing beach and seafront. Seafront at Twilight (above) and Worthing Dome (below) struck me as the best pieces in the series, reminding me of the swirling skies and starry nights of Vincent van Gogh, and the melancholy Englishness of John Piper. Tom has donated one of the paintings on display, Kite Surfers, to the Big Heart Auction, an online event to raise funds for the Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice.

Tony Gillingwater’s work was on a larger scale than Tom’s, and much more mysterious and controlled. There were three canvases of trees that I found compelling: the compositions were striking and the colours beautiful. There was no information about these paintings or about the artist, but the work spoke for itself very eloquently.

Love 4 Landscapes continues at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery until 21 February 2015.