Twitten Art

The next time you’re walking along Montague Street in Worthing town centre, take a little detour down the unprepossessing twitten between Superdrug and 3Phones, and you’ll make a delightful discovery: Field Row Gallery. If you like colour, you’ll love this place. It’s full of gorgeous digital prints by Min Cooper, who also owns the gallery. Her subjects range from flowers and fruit to kitchen utensils – unremarkable objects and household items which she transforms into pure visual pleasure.

Min’s style is a mixture of 1950s graphic design and 1960s Pop Art colour, and her images are both retro and contemporary. She was a professional illustrator and cartoonist for more than 20 years, and her work was published in numerous newspapers and magazines. Her professionalism plainly shows in the quality of her current artworks and in the gallery itself, which has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a strong sense of fun.

It’s the kind of place you can have a good browse in, enjoy the work on display, chat with the artist, splash out on a piece of wall art or buy a couple of postcards. The gallery is a valuable addition to Worthing’s art scene, and I hope lots of people will venture down the twitten, as I did, to discover this hidden gem.

Field Row Gallery opens Tuesday to Saturdays, 11am-5pm.

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