Reviewing Past Work

2021: time to assess my work. I’ve been doing art all my life and I started painting in oils and acrylics about twenty years ago. I was living in London and began painting seascapes, reminding myself of my home town, Worthing, and at that time my influences were mainly Turner and Monet so I thought of my work as Romantic Impressionism.

I left London in 2012 and returned to Worthing. I continued to be inspired by the sea, and at first my focus was on sunlight sparking on the waves. Then I became more interested in the timber breakwaters that are such a big feature of the beach at Worthing.

I started exploring ways to develop a much more abstract kind of painting: I was inspired by Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron and Albert Irvin, and I made some big, bold, colourful paintings.


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