Reclaiming Childhood

This is a show of fantastic paintings by Claire Phillips of children saved from the brutality of forced labour in India. For several years Claire has worked with the charity Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save the Childhood Movement) and she was able to interview, sketch and photograph some of the children rescued from factories, mines and domestic... Continue Reading →

Body Parts

An amazing variety of objects taken from the weird and wonderful collection of Sir Henry Wellcome, pharmacist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and collector, was brought together for this exhibition at the Wellcome Collection. The exhibits were fascinating or entertaining or both. My favourites were the winged phalluses, false eyeballs, a wooden leg, a metal nose and a... Continue Reading →

Crazy, Erotic & Fun

I went to the Chelsea College of Art Postgraduate Show last week and even though it was September, it felt very much like a summer evening: it was warm enough to hang around in the outside spaces, and there was a lovely party atmosphere. In the middle of the parade ground, Anna Nelson-Daniel’s display of... Continue Reading →

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