Coastal Sketchbook

I haven't done any painting for months so it's about time I started thinking of my next project. I want to make a series of abstract coastal paintings that will express my love and sense of connection to the beaches of Worthing, and I've made a start with ideas in a sketchbook with  drawing, painting... Continue Reading →

Tide Sculptures

These mass-produced utilitarian timber groynes on the beach at Worthing were constructed to defend the coast from the forces of the sea. It takes about 20 years of erosion by weather and water for the timber to be transformed into a variety of beautiful sculptural forms. Sadly, the weathering doesn't stop, and sooner or later,... Continue Reading →

Back to the Beach

Back to the Beach is a seaside-themed exhibition of work by members of local group, Worthing Art Studios, currently showing at Worthing Museum. Participating artists include: Barry Williams – super photographs and brilliant mini conversation pieces in old mackerel tins; Sarah Sepe – colourful, joyous lino prints / collages; Naomi Frances – wonderful creations made... Continue Reading →

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